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Naperville Home Inspectors is a full time Home Inspection Company operating as a specialized division of Allied Home Inspectors LLC.  Each of our Naperville Home Inspectors lives and works in Naperville.  Our philosophy is that in order to provide the most in-depth knowledge of a specific area and its housing stock, you need to be in that area. Our knowledge of the cities history, geographical development, school systems, subdivisions and builder workmanship is a major advantage for a home buyer or existing owner. 

Naperville, Illinois Home Inspection

Naperville Home Inspectors only hires the best of the best.  Not only does each of our inspectors conform to the newly established licensing law, but all of our professionals have earned a Bachelors and/or Master of Science degree.  Our education along with practical construction experience has excelled Allied Home Inspectors technically and professionally above the rest.

Certified Naperville Inspector

Each Naperville Home Inspector is a certified home inspector that provides Naperville, IL with New purchase home inspections, pre-listing home inspections, pre-purchase home inspections and Builder Warranty home inspections.

Simply put, as an Illinois licensed Inspection company, our inspectors have access to more high-tech equiptment and resources than most of our competitors who may practice individually or part time for supplemental income.

Naperville Building Inspection

PROTECT YOUR INVENTMENT - Commercial Inspections are much more complex and different in scope from Residential Inspections.  It is crucial that you verify that you are working with a Qualified Commercial Inspector.

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